EMS Fit Hub offers online personal training and educational resources for muscle building. Lucas Sullivan, an ISSA-certified personal trainer, is the brains behind the site. His goal is to teach people how to get fit and build muscle in an easy and effective manner.

Meet Lucas Sullivan

Lucas Sullivan is the founder of EMS Fit Hub. He is an ISSA certified personal trainer and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Georgia.

Combining knowledge from his comprehensive education with his experience as an athlete, you can trust that his functional training is the most effective and enjoyable way to train!

He has worked with a wide range of people, from youth athletes aged 6 to 16 years old to osteoporosis patients aged 70 years and older. Regardless of age or ability, his goal remains the same: to build a personal relationship with clients, motivate them in the gym, hold them accountable for actions outside the gym, and educate them on leading a healthy, active lifestyle while becoming the best version of themselves.

One standout feature of Lucas is his expertise in EMS technology. For over three years, Lucas has been helping people with EMS training. So, if you’re interested in getting fit with EMS, Lucas is your go-to guy!

What We Offer

  1. Online Personal Training: You can book one-on-one workouts with Lucas Sullivan to coach, push, and motivate you every step of the way on your fitness journey via Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype
  2. Educational Resources: Lucas Sullivan has written most of the articles, guides, and resources himself. From achieving an ideal weight and proper dieting to strengthening and targeting weak areas in the body, you can learn from him a variety of ways to reach your optimal physique.

  3. Newsletter: We send out tips and updates about muscle-building technology and techniques to help our subscribers stay informed about the most effective methods.